Sep 26, 2007



Today Daxx and Kole reviewed their Theme Board of the Week. They know what the name of a baby cow is. I changed the number on the board and they noticed that is was now a number two. They liked the Nursery Rhyme....well Kole liked it. I said it over and over for him.... "Hey Diddle Diddle"

They were given two pieces of paper to look at today. One had shapes printed on it that were colored bright colors and the other worksheet had the same shapes printed on it but they needed to be colored. I asked them to color their shapes the same colors that they were colored on the colorful page. When they were done trying to pick the right colors and coloring their pages they got to cut out the squares out of the page. (wow we need to work on cutting! LOL)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to homeschooling but thought I'd just post my 2 cents worth. I have 2 girls, ages 4 and 2. They enjoy cutting the coupons out of the Sunday paper. Keeps them busy for an extended length of time and they get good cutting practice. They're getting better and better!


Thank you. We've been working on cutting. I think their little boy finger just take a while. My neice picked it up lickety split!

Must be a boy thing! :-)

I LOVE your coupon idea though! I am a coupon-a-holic. That would save me a LOT of time.

I'm putting that in my back pocket for when they are really good! LOL