Feb 18, 2008

FEBRUARY 18, 2008


~ Watched "The House that Jack Built"

It is a story that was first published in 1755 and
probably dirived from an ancient Hebrew chant in the 16th century.
It was Illustrated by Randolph Caldecott in 1878.

~ They began a "beginning writing" workbook.

Daxx did very well drawing lines and holding his pencil.
He even made a few "e" letters tracing the lines.
Daxx also did very well connecting numbers 1 thru 12 to
make a picture on the dot to dot page.

Kole has some trouble holding his pencil well enough to
make a dark mark on his paper. He did try to trace the
lines but couldn't quite get a straight line on paper. He
doesn't know his numbers well enough by sight or order
to complete the dot to dot page. He is eager to learn and
I think will do well as we go along.

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